Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a business collaboration platform, most commonly used for information management. It
provides a wide variety of tools that are designed to help cut down on costs and development time. With the thousands of features that Microsoft Sharepoint provides users with, implementing the platform can be quite time consuming. Using our knowledge and expertise, we can implement SharePoint for your business in much more
timely and cost effective manner.

Microsoft SharePoint Business Advantages:

  • Allows for collaboration among employees.
  • Improves communication within the organization.
  • Automates business processes.
  • Secures and manages information resources.
  • Provides a central location to easily access all critical business intelligence to make the decision-making process easier.

Our Services

Innolance offers in-depth knowledge and expertise with Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies. Our team of professionals possess the necessary skills to assist your company at any stage of the implementation process. With our expertise, services, and products, we guarantee that your business will be able to share, publish, connect, and collaborate effectively through SharePoint.

What we offer:

  • We provide cost-effective and custom solutions dependent on our clients needs.
  • Innolance‚Äôs team of experts which include: Microsoft certified architects, consultants, mentors, developers and post-implementation support specialists.
  • We use a step-by-step process, breaking projects into various iterations so that our clients can see results and give immediate feedback.
  • We offer training to ensure successful adoption of the platform.
  • We offer post-implementation support to ensure our clients obtain the maximum benefit from using SharePoint.