Web Applications

At Innolance, we develop web applications that are aligned with the strategic business objectives of our clients. Our Web Applications Development team works with you to identify and define requirements, create a technology strategy, and chart out a project schedule.

Innolance’s designers and programmers work to develop dynamic, user-centric applications. We create web applications by leveraging rapid application development frameworks and agile methodologies. Our web application development development capabilities extend to developing customized, enterprise grade business solutions capable of scaling to meet your growth.

Typically, web applications are developed on Java for EE, ASP.NET, Ruby-on-Rails or LAMP(Linux,Apache,MySQL & PHP) stack. The choice of technology or platform is dependent on the client’s technology needs and the type of app being developed. Innolance has extensive technical expertise in most of the popular technology stacks and on frameworks such as Struts, Spring, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Zend and Django that run on these stacks.

Innolance has the ability to develop web applications that meet not only your functional requirements, but non-functional requirements as well. Non-functional requirements typically include availability, scalability and performance needs.


Mission critical web applications need to be highly available with minimal scheduled or unscheduled downtime. Availability is expressed as a percentage, for instance as 99.95%. In order to create an application that is highly available, redundancies must be built into the system at multiple levels to avoid single points of failure.

Web Application Scalability

Scalability is a measure of how the web application responds when the load on the system increases. If the applications response time remains consistent in spite of the increase in number of concurrent users or growth in the volume of data, the application is said to be scalable.

Performance Needs

Performance should be a feature – it is expected of all applications, especially those with a user interface. In order for the web application development to be successful, it must appear responsive to user input. When creating a web application, it is important that its creates a positive user experience. This can be accomplished by following the correct information architecture, proper labeling, being responsive, and implementing the best practices for good user experience. At Innolance, we strive to develop web applications that provide users with an outstanding experience.