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Mobile Application Use (& Development) Skyrocketed in 2014

+-*By the end of 2014, mobile app usage was climbing— no, skyrocketing! That’s right. According to a report released by the Yahoo-owned mobile analytics firm, Flurry, overall app usage (meaning actual engagement) grew by 76 percent in 2014. Can you believe that Flurry recorded more than two trillion — TRILLION! — app sessions during the[…]


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+-*During a campaign stop earlier today, Clinton said, “[the emails] belong to the State Department. So the State Department has to go through its process but as much as they can expedite that process, that’s what I’m asking them to do. Please move as quickly as they possibly can to get them out.” It’s not[…]


It’s All About Agile Development In Washington, DC

+-*Agile development. What is it, and why has the Washington, DC area-based Innolance chosen the Agile development process methodology for rapid delivery of high quality software?   Innolance is all about Agile development.   The Agile development methodology is, in a word, iterative.Overall risk is minimized, while frequent inspection, and constant adaptation are encouraged. Through[…]