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Apr 12

It’s All About Agile Development In Washington, DC

-+*Agile development.   What is it, and why has the Washington, DC area-based Innolance chosen the Agile development process methodology for rapid delivery of high quality software?   Innolance is all about Agile development.  …

May 23

Facebook Switches Default Privacy Setting to “Friends”

-+*  Last Thursday, Facebook made a historic decision to change the default sharing setting for new members, overturning a former 5-year decision.   Now, Facebook users will find their posts automatically changed from “public” to…

Dec 12

What are Business Intelligence Analytics?

-+*There’s a huge amount of information out there. It’s no secret a lot of it could impact your business. Of course, you need to be able to make sense of it. Otherwise you can’t stay…

Nov 15

Protect your WordPress Website from Attacks

-+*WordPress is a common platform for building and maintaining a website these days. It’s a powerful tool that many people love to use. The problem is that its popularity also makes it a favorite target…

Oct 21

User Experience

-+*User experience is what determines the success of any mobile application.  Having a friendly user face is crucial for an app with features that are making their debut. Sometimes apps are overlooked even though they…